Employers expect marginally higher salary increases in 2019

Base pay projected to rise by 2.8 per cent

Apply to the AI

Why your next job interview could be with a machine

Top Job Boards for 2018

Top job boards in the United States for all industries

How Can I Get a Job in the Cannabis Industry?

Legal cannabis in Canada and an increasing number of US states is creating a job boom.

Recreational Cannabis Legalization

Are your HR policies ready?

Did you know, medical cannabis has been legal in Canada since 1999? Since then there have been numerous amendments to the laws, as well as a significant increase in Canadians who have purchased medical cannabis. According to Health Canada – approximately 167,000 Canadians were recipients of medical cannabis during the last quarter of 2016/2017. The number of cannabis users will only continue to rise with the legalization of marijuana.

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Cushy office perks are a trap

We need to rethink how organizations are organized.

One study found that employees with unlimited vacation policies took fewer days off on average than their limited vacation counterparts. Another found that coworkers communicated less frequently face-to-face when they worked in an open-floor-plan configuration.

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New California Sexual Harassment Law

Requires Prevention Training For Supervisors And Non-Supervisors

California employers with at least five employees must provide sexual harassment prevention training and education to all supervisory employees and non-supervisory employees in California by January 1, 2020.

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Amazon finds high-wage religion

Now wants to convert everyone else

Amazon, the company associated with grueling work and low wages (all to make our wish fulfillment possible), is now paying all of its workers $15 an hour. It claims after paying benefits, full time employees were already earning $15 or more. The announcement mainly impacts part-time and contract workers. 

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All 700 employees at this startup work remotely

Here's why one of its top execs says it's given them a major edge on the competition

When InVision was founded in 2011, its CEO and founder, Clark Valberg, knew that he'd have to get creative to maintain a competitive edge. Google had recently increased its presence in Manhattan, making it all the more difficult to snag coveted East Coast tech talent.

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Employers expect marginally higher salary increases in 2019

Base pay projected to rise by 2.8 per cent

Although unemployment in Canada is hovering at a four-decade low, employees can expect slightly larger salary increases for 2019.

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12 Traits Bad Bosses Have In Common

It's often said that people quit bosses, not jobs.

A bad boss can make a good job miserable and a bad job unbearable. Beyond the negative impact on individual employees, ineffective managers can also cost companies tons of money in turnover and lost productivity.

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How to Avoid Getting Fired

When You’re Over 50

Many older workers face a greater risk of job loss. Their bosses might not perceive them as relevant or able to provide the kind of fresh, new thinking the company needs to thrive.

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So you’re looking for a new job...

5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Considering A New Job

Here are five tips to help shape your thinking as you consider making career moves.

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The 25 Highest-Paying Jobs

You Can Get Without a Bachelor's Degree

Don’t have the time or money to get a bachelor’s degree? Don’t fret. There are plenty of high-paying jobs that require only a two-year associate degree, postsecondary non-degree certificate, or even just a high-school di

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With job openings at record highs, here's how to keep employees from quitting

The real reason employees quit

"I think having a manager that cares about you and is doing everything in their power to set you up to be successful is what everyone is looking for to some extent,"

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The unexpected advice this CEO gives all job-seekers

Job-seekers often consider the "future" in terms of answering the question...

But according to bestselling management author and CNBC contributor Suzy Welch, there's another crucial, future-focused element of planning a career today that many employees may be overlooking entirely.

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10 jobs that let you travel the world

Though they're not for everybody

Can you find a job that lets you travel the world or live for six months abroad. These are all possible but they are not for everybody.

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Canada’s Best Jobs 2018

The Top 100 Jobs

Looking for the jobs with the biggest salaries? Sort by current median salary. Looking for fields showing strong demand for talent? Sort by wage growth over the last five years—growing salaries often means qualified employees are in short supply.

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Help wanted, apply to the AI:

Why your next job interview could be with a machine

Your next job interview may feel a lot like an audition tape. On a screen, a manager pops up in a recorded video and asks a question like: "Why do you want a career in this field?"

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My Top Job Boards for 2018

Jobrank.org lists the top job boards in the United States for all industries

From what I can determine, Indeed takes the cake for providing a large candidate pool and LinkedIn for providing a higher-skilled requirement type of candidate.

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Labour Day Quiz

‘How well do you know your rights in the workplace?’

To celebrate Labour Day, the Ontario Federation of Labour is inviting all Ontarians to take an online quiz to find out how much they know about what they are entitled to in the workplace. The quiz outlines a number of the gains made when employment and labour laws in the province were updated last year.

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Cannabis Jobs

How Can I Get a Job in the Cannabis Industry?

With medical marijuana now legal in well over half of the U.S. and recreational marijuana use allowed in nine states (and counting), cannabis companies are scrambling to fill a rush of new jobs in the industry—an estimated 340,000 of them nationwide by 2020.

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Forget Company Culture

Managers Should Focus On This

The term company culture is overused and misrepresented far too often. It is time to shift focus from why to how we work together.

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Ask the Headhunter:

How to convince your boss you deserve a raise

Nick Corcodilos started headhunting in Silicon Valley in 1979 and has answered over 30,000 questions from the Ask The Headhunter community.

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